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Small Dog Security T-Shirt


This Friendly Paw T-Shirt is both adorable and funny. Soft, comfortable and easy to put on and off, this tee will let your pup tell the world a very important message. This vest keeps your pet safe and easy to spot. Perfect for walking, jogging, whatever the occasion may be!

Size Bust Neck Length
XS 30cm/11.81" 23cm/9.06" 19cm/7.48" 
S 34cm/13.39" 28cm/11.02" 23cm/9.06"
M 40cm/15.75" 32cm/12.6" 29cm/11.42"
L 45cm/17.72" 35cm/13.78" 33cm/12.99"
  • Unisex
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Casual

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