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Premium Bundle Package


This is the PERFECT package for any dog owner! All your components to enhance your furry friends lifestyle.

The default color of choice for the waist leash and double leash will be BLUE unless otherwise specified via email after your purchase.


Whats Included: 

1.) Adjustable Waist Leash ($13.99)

2.) Giant Tennis Ball Chew Toy ($17.99)

3.) Adjustable Comfort Harness ($11.99)

4.) Strong, Durable Double Leash ($14.99)


Sizing for Comfort Harness:

S: Neck Circumference- 9in, Chest 11in-15in, Back Length- 4in 

M: Neck Circumference- 10.6in, Chest 14in-20in, Back Length- 6in

L: Neck Circumference- 13.7in, Chest 16.5in-18in, Back Length- 7.8in 

XL: Neck Circumference- 15.7in, Chest 20.4in-26in, Back Length- 9.8in