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About us





Hi! My name is David and my wife, Awika, and I are the owners of The Friendly Paw since February 2017. I really want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site.



A little about us

We live in Houston, TX and have two beautiful 4-legged children, Molly and Smiley. Both are rescues from the South Side Street Dogs Rescue in Houston and are the reasons we are so passionate about this site and decided to take over when Chris needed to move on to other ventures. He started something really amazing and we hope to take it to the next level.



Molly was a little under 1 year old when we got her. She appeared to have been abandoned around the holidays and was very weak and skinny. South Side Street Dogs rescued her and we adopted her soon after.


Smiley’s story is the same, but different. South Side rescued him, but one of the other dogs at the rescue (a dog previously used for dog fights) broke out of his crate and attacked him and left him in pretty bad shape. My wife and I volunteered to take care of him as he recovered and… well we kept him! I think this is what folks refer to as a foster failure!

We intend to use the website as a means to give other dogs a home. Hence, we will allocate a percentage of our profits every month to charities that you, the customer, chose and will announce the winner and amount of money donated. There will be no loser (the amount allocated will be equal to the percentage of the votes received).

We look forward to doing business and finding dogs a happy home with you.


Thank you,

David & Awika